Discover in this course, how proffesional 3D Digital Artists work!




With Carsten Emde, Instructor

Hi, my name is Carsten, and I am a 3D digital artist visualisation specialist.

​I believe in investing in skill development to keep up with the latest information and technology, and to continue the lifelong learning experiences. Most recently, I completed the V-Ray course 5SRW.

Why do I tell you about a V-Ray course even though this eBook is about high quality rendering in Twinmotion? Because it is through investing in skill development that I can share with you how to create high quality realistic CGI renders in Twinmotion that match the quality of V-Ray.

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I used to be in the exact situation you are in today. Thinking my render images and skill levels were pretty good, yet still, I could not achieve the realism professionals would produce, which was frustrating.

So, I started to break down the render images systematically to understand where I was "losing the battle" with my render engine. What I realised is that you need 3 main components to create a high standard of realism. After a ton of research I came to the conclusion that for me to move forward I needed a little bit of help to get to the next level.

And so, over the years I registered for courses and bought eBooks related to rendering.

This helped me with my final step, and I now am able to create high quality realistic images just like the professionals I used to, and still, admire.

All my experiences over the last 20+ years, the knowledge gained through multiple courses, and my education and daily project work are all combined into this CINERENDER COURSE OUTDOORS. Packaged up with all the knowledge in ONE place!

This CineRender course is designed to give you a solid foundation of Cinerender and CGI's (Computer Generated Images) environment. The goal is to understand the different settings and options like: Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Textures, Physical and HDRI Environments, Antiailising, Rendering speed v quality and many more. I will take you through this course on a step by step basis which makes it easier to understand and remember

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For the perfect CineRender image

An easy to follow step-by-step training system for perfecting your images.

Here Is What You Will Discover...

The most important pieces of advice, so you can implement them.

Proven techniques to increase your realism of renders.

An easy to follow step by step guide, including the important correct workflow.

All steps illustrated to follow in your own pace.

And a whole lot more!

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As I have been teaching tutorials through my Youtube channel and courses created, this course is tailored in the same easy to follow way. The instructions are clear and use the logial workflow that I use daily.


Some of my Youtube followers

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Customers that have taken my courses

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WriteIn this Cinerender Outdoors course you will learn;

Light Settings

Creating different light settings for different times of the day. What effect does it have on the overall image

Ambient Occlusion

What is Ambient Occlusion and what does it actually do ? Do I need it ?

Global Illumination

No CGI's can go without it as it gives the images a lot more realistic look.

Shadow Settings

How dark or light should a shadow be. Are shadow edges sharp or blurry ?

Physical Environment

The environment in a renderer can give you the different looks like daytime, an early morning look or if the client likes to have a sunset or dusk CGI look.


I explain the HDRI ( High Dynamic Range Imaging ) Sky. Instead of using a Physical Environment you can use a HDRI image to lighten up your scene.

Physical Camera

Do we need it or should I keep using the Standard render Camera ?

General Options

We are looking at transparency, Refraction, Reflection, Ray depth, etc.

Antaliasing, Speed v Quality, Image size for Print

This module will cover the settings on how not to blow out your render times and still get a good quality image plus what resolution do you need to render out your image ? your text here

Something to look forward too

Enroll in the course that will give you a strong foundation which is a great advantage in the workplace and to the clients you serve.

Get ths "CINERENDER OUTDOOR COURSE" now for just $29 USD

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